About Us

The customer is at the center of everything we do

Innovation Is Our Tradition

The technology landscape has changed dramatically over the last 30 years, particularly in robots, data, and AI.

With over 40 years of experience in the cleaning industry, robotic & sensor technologies, business process management, and data analytics, the Cobotiq team focuses on delivering innovative customer-centric cleaning solutions.

Customers come first, not the technology

 It is not right to sell  your customers advanced technologies without first helping them walk through the in-depth implementation process and unforeseeable cost.

 It is not right to exaggerate the benefits  of any new tech solutions without assisting customers to see how the technology will impact their daily workflow.

We believe the customer comes first.

Make Every Interaction Count

Cobotiq’s mission is to always bring the most holistic cleaning solutions to our customers.

Cobitiq team uses the ToWork™ process to work hand in hand to help our customers to Measure, Analyze, Create, Manage, Evaluate and Optimize their Cleaning Management Lifecycle.

Our customers can solve the labor shortage problem, reduce the cleaning staff turnover rate, and, most importantly, improve the overall cleanness at a lower cost and make your environment healthier.