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More efficient solutions for the cleaning industry

The need to use autonomous robots to consistently and efficiently provide cleaning services is growing. It is becoming critical to deploy robots quickly and cost-effectively.

Cobotiq’s proprietary data-driven workload process, ToWork™, to help our clients create a unique solution for deploying cleaning robots.

Cobotiq utilizes the most advanced AI, SLAM technology to provide the best in the market autonomous cleaning robots.



Data-Centric Robotic Automation Lifecycle

The ToWork™ process and robotic solution work seamlessly together to identify your investment, help solve the labor shortage problem, reduce the cleaning staff turnover rate, and, most importantly, improve the overall cleanness at a lower cost and make your environment healthier.







Our Products

The Next Generation
Cleaning Crew

Vacuum 40 is a fully autonomous floor vacuuming robot capable of automatic cleaning and charging.

Scrubber 50 is a floor scrubbing robot that can clean, charge, dispense, and refill all by itself.

The Scrubber 75 is ideal for large indoor and outdoor environments.

Sweeper 111 is ideal for heavy-duty cleaning in large indoor and outdoor environments.

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