How to Modify Combined Paths

How to edit Combined Paths Username: Admin Password: 314159 Modify Combined Path 1. Select “Data Management” in the main menu 2. Select “Path & Point Management” 3. Select “Combined Paths” 4. Choose the path you would like to modify and select “Edit” 5. Open “Task Queue List” 6. Add, Delete, or Reorder the Paths/Points Note: […]

Cobotiq Becomes Gaussian US Distributor

From years of research and testing of different autonomous floor cleaning robots, we proudly announce that Cobotiq has become the US distributor of Gaussian Robotics. What do we like about Gaussian Robotics? Small form factor Robust navigation system  Localization capability       If you are interested in knowing more about using robots to solve labor shortages, […]

CEO Jon Hill’s Speaks at ISSA Show 2021

Come to listen to our CEO Jon Hill’s speech at ISSA Show 2021! Will Robots Take Your Job? The Future Impact of Automation and Technology on BSCs. – ISSA Show North America 2021 (   Monday, November 15 • 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM  Location: W213-W215  EVENT INFORMATION  Title: Will Robots Take Your Job? The Future Impact of […]

Scrubber 50

Scrubber 50 is a floor scrubbing robot that can clean, charge, dispense, and refill all by itself.

Vacuum 40

Vacuum 40 is a fully autonomous floor vacuuming robot capable of automatic cleaning and charging